Jim Yerman Poems

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Love Nest

I recently ran across a list Deborah and I created long ago
It contained the dreams for our perfect house...our ideal bungalow.

We called it our North Carolina Love Nest and it was to be our creed

A Crooked Old Tree

There was once an ancient Chinese philosopher sitting under a crooked old tree
Who spoke on the subject of judging others, and how we need to think differently.

“When this tree was younger, ” he said, “it caused many people to gape

There's Something About A Dog

The following words are not written to disparages cats or birds or frogs
or any other animal for that matter…it's just, in my opinion…
there's something about a dog!

Don'T Worry, Be Happy

We live in a world that doesn’t slow down, it’s seems everyone’s in a hurry
Which causes us lots of stress, lots of anxiety, and an abundance of worry.

We worry about money, our health, our children, we worry about being late

Moments Of Perfection

As parents…regular and grand we've come to understand
We live a life of schedules…where so much of it is planned.

Yet with our aging eyes we still can recognize


I believe in synchronicity and the wonders therein contained…
I believe in angels and miracles and the mystery of the unexplained.

Chrissy was a friend of our daughter…growing up their friendship was like glue…

We Don't Have To Say Goodbye

Death came earlier than expected...
we begged...
we pleaded...
we prayed

Behnd A Window Made Of Glass

It is said life is one big circle which begins with our first breath
the circle then completes itself the moment of our death

Many of us begin our circle…when but a little time has passed

Twice As Much

When they fell in love he felt blessed to find a person he adored.
He couldn't control his happiness…he'd never felt such love before.

He thought he loved her more than anyone could love her…

Never Alone

Today allow me to reveal a universal truth.
A truth some of you, I'm sure, have already known:
Love is transcendental…
with a power and an energy all its own.

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