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Love Nest

I recently ran across a list Deborah and I created long ago
It contained the dreams for our perfect house...our ideal bungalow.

We called it our North Carolina Love Nest and it was to be our creed
For we thought, on this paper, we listed everything we'd need.

Everything to keep us contented, our personal honeycomb
Everything our minds could think of...to make a happy home.

We were young and innocent back then...and our dreams...unlimited and grand
But despite our best intentions...life didn't go the way we planned.

You see we never built our dream house...but I still consider myself blessed
Because we realized...if we have love...it doesn't matter where we nest.

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blahs 21 April 2018

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Melissa Yerman 18 March 2022

Uncle Jim is a fairly good poet, but he is very selfish, inasmuch as all he does is post, post, post. He never takes the time to write encouraging comments on the poems of others, even though many people leave nice comments on his poems. Sorry, Uncle Jim, but I had to tell it like it is.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 October 2019

Jim Yerman is a very nice poet and he continuously writes lovely poems of excellent qualities. Readers love his poems and he motivates others through his inner high skill. I have read his many valuable poems and reviewed. His talent has high essence and he blooms like flower time to time with poetic mood. May God bring happiness for him!

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Sandra Black 31 May 2019

Absolutely loved your latest poem ''n the mirror'. It is melodious and has a sublime message. Thanks.

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Prabir Gayen 23 March 2019

Very talented poet with sweet voice... thanks..

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Khushi 26 November 2018


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