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Depression Hurts

Depression hurts when you grow old
And life has passed you by
No more dreams to think about
Or even wishes to come true

Goodbye Old Friend

Goodbye old friend, its hard to know your're gone
Its hard to say good bye and know I'll never see you again
Never laugh and have fun
And dream our dreams of life

Life Is Cold

Life is cold, bitter without the dreams of youth
No more goals to pursue, no new road to travel down
Or a different path to follow
Or walk to a different drummer

Fog On The Mountain

Fog on the mountain, no sunshine in the valley
All seems down here when I am
Wishing for things that have all come and gone
As age seems to be speeding up

Are You Troubled

Are you troubled, are you lonesome
Do you cry when you are alone
Then come with me to lonely street
Where everyone feels the same

She Was A Great And Grand Lady

She was a lady, a beautiful lady
A wife, a mother and grandmother, great grandmother & friend
She was gentle and kind and patient
And was loved by so many

My Eyes Aren'T Sad Anymore

My eyes aren't sad anymore, I'm happy these days
I don't cry tears in the dark
And things are looking up
Don't know how this happened

The Steps

I wondered thru a wood today, unbidden and uncalled
It lead me up a hill, unknown to me before
And there in the middle of the forest
I found the steps - there were only three

Fly Away Sweet Baby, Fly Away Home

Fly away sweet baby, fly away home
Your Father and all his angels are waiting for you
They need a sweet child just like you
To play with and cherish and love

Troubling Memories

Troubling memories, we all have them
Try not to think of them, but deep inside they seem to stay
Taking us back in time to the good and the bad
And I wish they would just go away

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