Joanna Kantharia Poems

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All But Love

In all fairness I will, and I will for sure
Tell you my story, my story of Love

Stone of Heart or Heart of Stone hath he

Thine Alone

Rains and Sunshine are not mine alone
Rainbows and Flowers are not mine alone
My love for Thee is mine alone

O' Wind Beautiful Wind

O' wind beautiful wind
I want to see you

Where you come from where you go

Wedding Grace

Two souls meet, and they forever unite
Thoughtful words and prayers combine

Showers of Love all around spread

Aching Heart

The sweet pain of the Aching Heart
Is a solace to the soul you should know…

You teased me and tricked me in loving you

The Smile

Standing in the midst of flowers
Thinking with the depth of wonder
Flows through air the unsaid phrases
There the solitude surrounding her graces

My Lovely Sister

My Jiji... my lovely Jiji
God made thee for me
How lucky for me,
To have a sister so bold and beautiful....

Study Time

The stars that shine
The moon that hides
Reveals my friends where you hide....


In the valley of dark I found a light
With sweet smiles and twinkling eyes
The words were warm
The souls were drawn

Especially For You...

Nay nay and why why I keep muttering all day
You get irritated and I love to make you feel that way

Chocolates and flowers I don’t need any

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