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I write every word
With hope
That you will read it
One day

The road taken so many times
Losing yourself
And then trying to leave it all behind

So many lies
But I believed them all
I wanted to run
But I stayed

Through the pain and anger
Through frustration and hurt
Memory of you laughing
Comes again and again

Did you know
I speak with angels
Every time I pray

My heart is stubborn
And screams like a child
It does not want to
Say those goodbyes

So naked I stood in front of you
Full of hope and full of fear

Locked in your arms I slept that night

If only I could speak
The words of my soul
We wouldn't be so lost

It was not body’s desire but my soul’s need
To be close to you to feel your skin

A need to bathe in warmth of your gaze

My soul is still longing
For the divine light
You wrapped around me
By the river that night

A new dawn ahead
After such a long night
Somehow though
I am so afraid

I wrote you a letter
The one you'll never read
Before you get a chance
To see a single word

Can't put the message
In a bottle
Because it won't float
In our sea of anger and hurt

One was afraid
That the other one would leave
Too good to be true
I thought of you

Every morning
when I whisper thank you
in hundreds
I am surrounded

Too painful to read
What I’ve written

Every word

Nowadays only sorrow
Makes my body tremble
When I miss your touch

You look at me
I come close and slide into your arms
You run your fingers through my hair
I close my eyes

I am what I am...
What am I though?
A tiny droplet in the sea
A breath of Gaea

Forgive me Father
For I have sinned
Being joyful with life
Ignorant to death

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I write every word
With hope
That you will read it
One day

It will be my chance
To explain
To show you
How it really felt

To see you radiant
To make you smile
To feel for one second
You were only mine

The rays of your love
That never fade
Your hand in my hand
Your kiss on my hair

The world unaware
Was of it all
The nights brought the passion
The days promptly stole

Without the words
Conversation flowing
But we failed in the end
To keep it going

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