Joanne Kearsey

Rookie - 38 Points (11 of November 1989 / Brighton, England)

Joanne Kearsey Poems

1. My Ghost Train 2/11/2008
2. Pretences 2/11/2008
3. Divided By A Word 2/11/2008
4. The Noose 2/27/2008
5. Keep It Hidden 3/2/2008
6. Perfection Requires A Certain Degree Of Madness. 7/23/2008
7. Anarchy, Rebellion And Hysteria 10/17/2008
8. Life's Little Games 1/23/2009
9. Deranged And Vulnerable 3/27/2009
10. Finding New Ways To Kill Ourselves 3/27/2009
11. Hiding It From Me 3/28/2009
12. Lost Again 5/1/2009
13. Purple Slinky 5/3/2009
14. Cosmic Karma Symmetary 5/4/2009
15. The Darkened Day Of A Brightened Sleep 5/4/2009
16. Enterprise 2/24/2006
17. Emp Debate 5/7/2009
18. Around 11/23/2009
19. Sideline On The Artifice 11/30/2009
20. Stuck Around 12/2/2009
21. How Long Is Forever Really? 9/21/2010
22. Gone But Not Forgotten 3/31/2018
23. The Truth And Death Of It All 5/6/2009
24. Lifeless 2/21/2006
25. Shivers That Cry 2/22/2006
26. Broken Words 1/11/2007
27. They Think We'Re Happy! ! ! ! 1/31/2008
28. Ash To Ash 2/1/2007
29. Suspect 9/6/2006

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Facing the world with a heart as hard as stone,
No emotions linger in this canvas that bears no soul,
Stating the obvious to be hated by all,
As this psychopathic daze buries me in a deeper hole.

Plodding along this path that never seems to end,
Rebuilding the life I started so long ago,
Time goes so fast when I want it to go slower,
But speeding up until the last person we'll never know.

My head rules the portion of my heart that is still alive,
leading me to a place that is filled with so much hate,
Consuming the evil that plagues my mind, ...

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Being backed into a corner with no sign of escape,
No attention is given to those who are lost,
Seeing the boundless darkness that will never come into light,
And no-one caring about the disastrous cost.

Seven more people come out of life to the other side,
Realising that nothing is as it was before,
Coming towards something that was forgotten again,
Because we are always wanting more.

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