Jock Ridi

Jock Ridi Poems

1. Walk In The Woods 7/10/2005
2. End Of The Day 7/17/2005
3. No Longer Needed 9/13/2005
4. Heart Strings 7/11/2005
5. Even/Steven 10/10/2005
6. Ode To Flicker 10/12/2005
7. Shameonme 10/31/2005
8. Lost Hope 11/1/2005
9. Winds Of Change 11/21/2005
10. Bigger Fool? 11/23/2005
11. Slow Dance 11/23/2005
12. Miss You 9/21/2005
13. Whisper 9/21/2005
14. Words 10/8/2005
15. Your Smile 7/14/2005
16. Lady Friend 10/8/2005
17. If I? ? ? 1/18/2006
18. Sweet Dream 7/14/2005
19. Moon Child 7/13/2005
20. Glove Of Friendship 9/13/2005

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Best Poem of Jock Ridi

Glove Of Friendship

If the heart is true
a friendship will last
If it's built on mistrust
it 'll become a thing of the past

If the heart is honest
a friendship will thrive
the bond will be solid
and never implied

If the heart is open
and truly willing to love
a friendship will flourish
and should be worn like a glove

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Heart Strings

An hour a day
would go a long way
Is an hour too much?
like a committment or such?
what about thirty?
not enough time to get dirty?
your minds in the gutter!
dont' even think of the other
we're talking bout time

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