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the house was built in 1850, seven fireplaces
10 servants and four members of the Joneses
on the cold windy october day
no holes in the roof or trees

Ashtray filling,
TV watching,
Points gaining,
Facebook watching,

“hello” I am your daughter, sarah lou
or sarah to you
I am dirty minded, clutzy and forgetful
I a sucker for one hit wonders

forcibly shoved in my own wee world
in a bubble that came free
books, music and can you tell me what else?
that desk in the door-less cupboard became my universe

educational services and debt collections
Mr Archibald, please unhide
i know you don't want to, but im fed up

George Orwell and Sue Townsend how will they be?
If I bounded up to see them in the spirit world
I would love to hear their thoughts on abstract words
and 1920s poverty.

when the brain doesn't decide i should live, or i need a bit of pain for a temporary fix
anxiety meds dont help, and a chunk of my personality disappears melting away, never to be seen again.
only you cant find it on a old map
leaving me to chase around in my mind, gone and always forgotten.

so called damaged, still alive hiding scars
battles fought, wars won
standing strong, support required, but we are not damaged
life is just lived differently

in doom and gloom, lives belief
in dark days, there are people who are buoyant

good things find the mind

Hygge, don't make me laugh, a nice meal, telling
your aunt about that one good bloke
wandering around ansruther, for the day to
end with seeing your deceased granny in

tomorrow is a new day, fears will evaporate
and smiles will be permeated in
our world
sorries will be given and unicorns will

the constant pounding of footsteps, caused pain to their delicate ears
and despite being use to constant Richter scale 8, nobody slept easily
7 trillion men, children and women got on with fixing buildings and earning their pay

boy do i love myself, i am amazing and perfect
equally unstoppable and will set the world on fire

100% attitude and no longer needing to hunt my self esteem down

sauntering along when suddenly she started to
drown in fear,
struggling with tides and caught unaware
and breathing, in short supply

building 54 was not an exciting place
not the tallest, nor the smallest
with 200 more along the street
an ordinary building in the city


covered in heavy words and dried acrylic paint
taking in all, hard to voice feelings
a non judgemental, never to be seen friends


it the chewing gum stamped in to the pavement
slowly multiplying cell by cell, blocking your way
no way round, through or jumping over


under currents and over currents
sea life floating to a calmer tune
ruled by waters way

legs weak and sweat beading not so slow
ears deaf and eyes floating
the uncomfy seat growing ever more

this hand will pick up trophies
green guilt, kiwi flavoured
this hand picks up pens of dreams
ordinary yellow, leaning proudly

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hi I am starting out poet, and like poetry as unlike prose is friendlier for dxlexia. so if my spelling off spell check cant understand the way I write. I started off at art angel in Dundee as something to do and have improved over the years and learning every Friday about how to write even better. I have borderline personality and anxiety. so some of my poetry will be dark at times. its either black or white. now or my influences, slyvia Plath and her autobiographical style. kinda like the way i use my writing to sort out my emotions. i am the oldest of four and took up writing properly after dabbling in it for twenty odd years. i was published in a school poetry competition at thirteen. unfortunately that was fourteen years ago and didn't keep the poem. so this time round while i have the time i am trying to go far was possible. i am addicted to my iPod, love punk 1978 to 1982 and punk now. i Love reading and have currently 310 plus books and i have read them all. i am a bit kooky, and i am nuts he-he. i am a cat mummy and pj will be mentioned alot. and there is a lot more, my biggest hope is to publish on book. only one as my main aim is to work with people in the future and writing will always be a big part o my life.)

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Once Again

the house was built in 1850, seven fireplaces
10 servants and four members of the Joneses
on the cold windy october day
no holes in the roof or trees
destroying the east side
on a even windier day

There was rooms galore, green baize doors
just for us servants
we knew our place, we didn't want to get higher
overwhelming at first, with bedraggled
walls, because it was just us

the pantry was old Tom's responsibility
wine, sugar, salt and tea
only he could give it out
and mrs sue, the cook, gave us
jobs to do if we dawdled past

clean the aga! ,
isn't it wash day today?
hurry up and clean the pots,
the queens cousin is
due tonight, whilst hoping
i got to bed before midnight was a regular thing

the Joneses never met me, i wasn't
a butler or a footmen
i had to clean before they got up
and hide behind the baize door
if i heard them

living there 365 days of the year, gave me the family i was never given
i turned 12 in 1850 and the poor house got me this job
the job where i met Lottie the kitchen assistant
and philip the gardeners assistant, siblings they became
and old Tom became like a dad
mrs Sue was just scary

and now its 1925, i still mourn the day
they moved away, wanted the factories
but not the smog
at 87 i will not see the blitz blow the house away like a sandcastle

but tonight i am going to dream of 1850 and the family i will once again meet
'lottie, where is Philip? mrs jones wants a bouquet for dinner'
back to being an general maid happily once again

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