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shout to the hart and your too late u gave love a bad name do do do

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Get Better

blood pulsates
you are the winner
no callories today
you have to get thinner

your unhappy today
staring down at the box
mabe some co-codimol
no lets have lots

old habbits die hard
but the pills help to sway
you refuse to see the problem
as long as you make it through the day

now its a continuous head rush
to put you on your knees
my tears flow for you
dont die on me i beg you please

each pill is a scar
remember old habbits die hard
so blank out once again
you wonder why im scared

your on all fours now
i am no pretender
i beg you to stop
please babe surrender

dont leave me alone
what have i told you
let those pills go now
so i can hold you

you promise to love me
was that a lie
because babe i love you
so you cry and inside i die xxxxxxxxx

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jodie louise cooper Popularity

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