jodie louise cooper Poems

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Get Better

blood pulsates
you are the winner
no callories today
you have to get thinner

Prison Boy

prison boy are you lonley
is that why you hang your head
do you dream of freedom
staring out from the bars that surround your bed

Wierd Lol

When it hurts to smile
and you refuse to see truth,
mabe you are the liar born to see destiny
and when it hurts you to live

Its A Secret

hush baby girl
play inside when you feel rain
but it has to be a secret
or you will loose the game

I Just Need Love

i hurt and its confusing
i just want someone to hold me
im alone in the dark
please come and find me


call me crazy
call me insane
shout at me and hurt me,
add to the pain

Well We Could......

we could cut deeper
we could dropp to the floor
we could cry to our selfs
beliving theres nothing more

Shush Baby Girl

shush baby girl
sleep tight tonight
as your life will spin and twirl
you will be alright

The Unsuspecting Mind

say hello to suzie
and say goodnight to Anna too
say sleep tight to baby Emilie
and goodbye to Tommy blue

The Poison That Destroyed You! ! ! ! ! !

go ahead again
reach for the bottle
and mabe if you drink enough
you wont wake up tomorrow

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