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(Verse) 1
Here the call, our darkness needs
another host, for the demons seed
plant it deep, in the sole

Darkness brings, bloodless pain
inner demons, shrouded shame,
scale the walls inside my head,
Pile the bodies of the dead.

So Come on in, were havin a party
the real good times, just gettin started

In my imagination
the thing I saw was cursed
It slid across a giant plane
the journey was it`s first

Whisper softly
to the sky
Darkness comes
we know not why

Move along, the winding road
torn away from the comfort zone
blistered blackened, moonless night
a wrong turn taken, a hopeless plight.

Near the constant
compression of time

The best things in life

No one really cares

In a blizzard some time ago
as I trapsed through knee deep snow.

Headed twards, I don't know where

As I walked, down the road
to a place, I've been before

the wind whistled, through the trees

I`m takin off
you can have my stuff
telling you baby

(Verse 1)
Should I quit my day job
keep following my dreams
I wanna to be a rock star

I open my eyes

and what I see

I`m movin, rollin
on down the road
I`m leavin today
this place cause its old.

We traveled long
our mission tough

If you get your say, baby
your gonna have your way
not gonna be too easy, baby

With the prospect, of imminent death
creeping towards, that final breath.

Out of respect, or age old myth

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Contractor by day, Songwriter, poet, by night.)

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(Verse) 1
Here the call, our darkness needs
another host, for the demons seed
plant it deep, in the sole
sowing fear, to gain control

(Verse) 2
sent to find, a worthy mate
out of hell, this reprobate
searching far, from his lare
the innocent, are plagued by fear

(Verse) 3
river styx, flames burn hotter
the demons hate, boils the water
pay the reaper, he`ll guide your way
back to hell, where the demons lay

Carry with you a golden piece,
to pay the reaper so he might at least,
spare your sole and let you keep,
your spirit and body, in one piece

Burn, down the wall of soles
Burn, to maintain control
Burn, never to be free
Burn, for an eternity. Burn, Burn, Burn, Burn, BURRRRRRRNNNNN.

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Joe Corbett Popularity

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