Joe Duvernay

(Frazier Park, California)

Joe Duvernay Poems

1. Going To Ground 1/4/2003
2. A Woman In The Mild 1/4/2003
3. Adherence Crafted 1/4/2003
4. Starting Back 1/2/2003
5. Wide-Eyed 1/4/2003
6. Reunion Fancy 1/2/2003
7. Heraldric 1/4/2003
8. The Secret Life Of A Hat 1/2/2003
9. Wordsmith Commentary 1/2/2003
10. Can Meadows Sing 1/4/2003
11. Inside And Out 1/2/2003
12. Shee 1/4/2003
13. Wishes Not Wasted 1/2/2003
14. The Impossible 1/2/2003
15. On The Stage 1/4/2003
16. Free Gifts 1/2/2003
17. Non-Gun 1/2/2003
18. Missing A Love 1/2/2003
19. And 1/2/2003
20. Legacy 1/4/2003
21. The Work 1/4/2003

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The Work

In turns our treatise;
Hot flashes of insight,
Labored over,
Lived with constantly
Dressed and unclothed,
Then expounded,
Given reception or no;
Colleagues clap,
Some angered.
Are denounced, praised
Given review and words.
Families indignant,
Friends afraid they
`May be spoken of next.'
Some say, `what an idiot',
Others unearth some past indiscretion
Say lays light on character.
All this the faith-giver
Goes through; days in phase and out.
Blame she'll take and then time slips
Knots it's cared much of
Slides ...

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Used that old parbuckle to hoist aboard the barrels.
Took sighted aim down two cylinders.
Rounded out my choices in perpetuity
And finally, with archangel authority
Callous your chapped hands here and now.

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