John Anderson

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John Anderson Poems

1. Maybe Life Is Humbug 6/18/2006
2. Those Who Aren't Indicted 6/22/2006
3. This Person We Knew 6/23/2006
4. Love And Best Friends 6/23/2006
5. Finding A Work Place 6/29/2006
6. A Compliment To A Soul's Fruition 7/2/2006
7. Realization At A Bar 7/2/2006
8. Christmas Eve 7/2/2006
9. Song Of Hope 7/4/2006
10. Find Hope 7/5/2006
11. If 7/7/2006
12. Last Ride 7/12/2006
13. Hiding 7/19/2006
14. The Cube Farm 7/2/2006
15. My Purpose And Place I 7/5/2006
16. Breath In My Night 7/4/2006
17. Infinity To The Spirit Of Man 7/24/2006
18. Pinwheel Eyes 2/10/2008
19. People That I Know (Servicemen) 1/29/2008
20. Something Spectacular 5/26/2011
21. You Were Saying Something In My Dreams 5/7/2012
22. Which Way To Love? 5/16/2012
23. The Hobo Was Offended 6/18/2006
24. I Dropped My Cell Phone Too Many Times 5/30/2011
25. Young Man's Funeral 6/7/2011
Best Poem of John Anderson

Young Man's Funeral

A grey haired man in his 70s; hiding the spring in his step
A thriving man in his 20s; except he is dead

And as I sat in the crowded room
hunched shoulders; an air of doom
'It isn't fair, ' someone said
As if only a senior were ever that were dead

The spry codger felt guilty for being old
Like he'd stolen years, or cheated a toll
And no one asked did the kid smoke or drink?
'Cause he was far too young, was all we could think

But as I listened, looking like I was praying
I came to realize, none of us will be staying
He wasn't robbed, for years ...

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Maybe Life Is Humbug

I've heard that life is humbug
I've heard that it's a breeze
I've heard what makes the world go 'round
Is nothing to make you sneeze

And when I asked my neighbor friend
Grizzled, gray, and wise
A headache started forming
He began to rub his eyes

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