John Castellenas Poems

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I Wanna Fall In Love

I wanna fall in love

Once, I was seeking the Hemingway life. Running toward war and away from love and life. Somehow I found the J.D Salinger silence. Once, bold and foolish man. Now he sit by the sea wishing for last dance, more laughter and the sweetness of love words.

Too Old To Die Young

Almost 61 years old,
I lived in many places and had many lives.
Old man looking back at me in the mirror today.
I whispered,

A Wild Bird

A wild bird.

Love Story

Love story

You were going to be a dancer, a poet, going to save our world. I was content to be in the reflection of your eyes. I told you often dear lover. You are my art, my wonder, my mystery and my midnight dancer.

The Raven And The Coyote

The Raven and the Coyote

The Raven watched the moon. Her interest awoken by the sitting Coyote on the mountain ridge. The Coyote was the trickster, he should be dancing and creating havoc. He sat watching the raising moon since early dust. The piercing eyes of the Raven watched the subdued Coyote with great interest. The Raven went to the Coyote, sitting near him and she asked him. If you loved her. Why did you set her free? You restraints in the want of love when you should have been begging for her to stay. She seized your heart and you wished her well in her new journey away from you.

A Lullaby

A lullaby

Old man memories become sweeter with time and distance.
The old man wondered if she remember him, like he remembered her.

Russian Roulette

Russian roulette

Beautiful young woman danced on a stage on the border of Austin Texas,

I Want To Love A Bonnie Girl

I want to love a bonnie girl

I am dreaming of dear Scotland again,

The Song Of The Living

The song of the living

The song of the living, the song of the dead,

You Are My Love And I'm Your Love.

You are my love and I'm your love

You are as beautiful as the sun rising from the eastern sea,
you are bright as the moon rising up to light up the night.