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I'm an aspiring writer and comedian. I'm seventeen and live in Texas, and a Junior in high school.

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The Poet

I am the poet, the storyteller, the bard!
No verse is too difficult for me, no story too hard!
I am the rhythm and voice of the earth!
I am where legends and tales have their birth!

You may think 'What's in a poet? What's in a bard? '
Well listen a moment, and put down your guard!
I'll teach you a thing about rhyming or two!
And show you why you should give me my due.

I tell the fantasies that live in your head!
I tell the stories that put your children to bed!
I make your life better with naught but a song!
I teach the lessons of right versus wrong!

Why, without me there'd be chaos, anarchy and the rest!
You're lucky to have me, I'm one of the best!
But no worries, I'm modest, and a thank you will do!
Although I must say, a tip would be appreciated too!

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John Clark Popularity

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