The Wraith And The Paladin Poem by John Clark

The Wraith And The Paladin

Rating: 4.8

Corruption in it's purest form, the very face of death;
Wraith foul and wraith evil, poison in it's breath.
Haunting eyes glow like lanterns, drawing peasants to their doom,
Pulling countless victims into the deep black gloom.

But courageous paladin, defender of the light,
Has come to free the village this night!
Brandishing his blade and raising his shield,
Surely it will be the wraith who yields!

They face each other on the top of the hill where the wraith made it's home,
The paladin is truly stoic, his visage set in stone.
The wraith's attacks seem half-hearted, as if it knows it cannot win,
The knight is sure that in his faith he is the greatest bane to sin.

The peasants cheer, the peasants cry as they see their knight return,
His step is slow, his head is low, his very spirit's worn.
But chants of 'hero brave! ' and 'hero strong! ' fill the village tonight,
Because none see the paladin's eyes, and their eerie lantern's light.

Louis Kalman 22 April 2007

If you read this out loud to me, I'd probably have your children.

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Madly In Love 22 April 2007

Amazing poem John

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