John Dadzie Poems

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The Prisoner And The Jailer

i wear uniforms, you wear uniforms too
am in chains, you are not but you can't move all the same.
life is not a game you say, but who are you dying for? the government?
come on! there is no second chance, as you say.

The Fishermen's Song

My Life

My life is now in shutters, my dream has been captured by the anonymous captain of my soul, who sails me straight to the north heart becomes cold, so i stand and shiver besides the river that carries my soul, with all these i tend to ask my self, why is this? where did i go wrong? Was it the devil in me? .but they tend to be rhetorical but i need answers, or are these the questions i should ask, is it the fault of my creator?

Beneath A Broad Smile

in my mind i feel pain
a pain inflicted on me by the world, with all these thought am never on
time, i always sit and sob in the night train, i sometimes pass my stop

Why Africa!


You were my friend,
a pretty beautiful friend.
You were my mate,
a dependable supportive mate.

His Life

All smiles insist on becoming the best, struggling to survive, tears in his eyes.can't see just instinct just…

All I Have Left Of Her

Was My Life For Rent

once upon a time
i was young and vibrant
i could sing but prefer to mime
at the dinner table were we dine.

That Time Of The Year

it is that time of the year
the time of the were jiggling bells are the sounds we hear,
the time of the year were there is no single tear,
the time of the year filled with merry making and raising of glasses filled with bear.

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