The Prisoner And The Jailer Poem by John Dadzie

The Prisoner And The Jailer

i wear uniforms, you wear uniforms too
am in chains, you are not but you can't move all the same.
life is not a game you say, but who are you dying for? the government?
come on! there is no second chance, as you say.
why do you waste time guarding someone who doesn't deserve,
all in the name of protecting a society whose culture you can't preserve.
look at the world just observe are atrocities curbed? and can they be?
i was sentenced for murder, he just got sentence for the same crime.
why do you waste time? was this your dream? what thought goes through your mind when you get in that uniform? i do wear uniforms too, so tell me who is the prisoner?

Bri Edwards 16 March 2015

i like this poem. but let me help you with something. [Spelling Dyeing vs. dying Dying relates to death. Dyeing relates to soaking items in colored solutions. Dieing is a misspelling. A similar distinction applies to the past participles died and dyed. Die becomes died, and dye becomes dyed.] i'm guessing that you are neither a Prisoner in jail, nor a Jailer. there is no obvious uniform in your photo (if it is you) . [when cant means can not, it is spelled with an apostrophe: can't] well, i've never been a prisoner or a guard in a jail. but i imagine that, for most guards, they take jobs as guards primarily for the pay and benefits they get for doing the job, and not for the pleasure of guarding prisoners. AND many workers probably think of themselves as 'prisoners' of their jobs once in a while. thanks for sharing. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 16 March 2015

p.s. i now wonder if you wanted prisoner (no capital P) and Jailer (a capital) in the title. was that done on purpose? bri :)

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John Sky Dadzie 18 March 2015

thanks sir, i would do that tanks for reading all the same.

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Godfrey Morris 25 May 2015

Many things I have to think on. Great write.

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Lyn Paul 08 May 2015

You have a tough story going on here. Innocent one minute a criminal the next. This could be anyone. Hopefully it is not you. So much is wrong in today society yet far too late for improvement. I wish you well. Thank You

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John Sky Dadzie 21 April 2015

Thanks Kurt really appreciated

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Kelly Kurt 17 April 2015

A very interesting question at the end. Thanks for sharing

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John Sky Dadzie 18 March 2015

concerning the title it was intentional

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