John F. McCullagh

Gold Star - 4,741 Points [The Hobbit] (09/28/1954 / Flushing)

John F. McCullagh Poems

361. Last Battle 8/6/2013
362. Out 8/8/2013
363. Leaving Libby 8/10/2013
364. Fatal Blow 8/11/2013
365. Gettysbugh Address 7/14/2013
366. To Be Forever Young 7/14/2013
367. Name Droppers 7/19/2013
368. His New Blue Suit 7/21/2013
369. Hell No! 8/31/2013
370. The God Of Doubt 9/1/2013
371. Syria 9/3/2013
372. Memories In Melody 9/4/2013
373. Subliminal 9/7/2013
374. Room 3312 9/14/2013
375. Fore Closure 9/14/2013
376. Virtual Vixens 9/26/2013
377. Continuing Resolutely 10/3/2013
378. Heart’s Desire 10/11/2013
379. I Am The Ball 10/13/2013
380. Last Words 10/13/2013
381. Himmelstrasse 10/14/43 10/14/2013
382. Harvest Home 10/19/2013
383. She Wished Me Love 10/20/2013
384. To A Violent Grave 10/25/2013
385. Merry Chri$tma$ 11/6/2013
386. Play On 11/10/2013
387. The Lost Generation 11/14/2013
388. A Loss Like No Other 11/16/2013
389. The Price Of Admission 12/3/2013
390. Mediums, Well Done 10/16/2013
391. I Wore A Gold Star 12/14/2013
392. A Certain Star 12/14/2013
393. Don’t Make Him Laugh 12/20/2013
394. Zeus And Company 12/22/2013
395. One Woman’s Right To Choose 12/22/2013
396. A Pint At Christmas 12/23/2013
397. It's The Bottom Of The Ninth 12/28/2013
398. The Mouth Of The Flowers 12/28/2013
399. Druid Myst 12/30/2013
400. They Came For The Beer 12/31/2013

Comments about John F. McCullagh

  • (4/24/2018 7:47:00 AM)

    Just wrote a book about teaching art inspired writing & poetry and would like to use The Eternal Question in my book. How do I contact Mr. McCullagh to get his permission?

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  • Mikhail Sonkin (4/28/2016 9:53:00 AM)

    Dear John,
    This is the first time when I tried to read contemporary English poem. I am a Russian who live in USA 24 years, and I am 71, and I write some poem too. My Russian friend translated some of your poems, I liked them so I decided to read in English.
    I love this poem. You are right in your last lines. In a two years I and my wife will have 50 anniversary of our marriage. It is an answer on your poem.
    Best wishes Mikhail Sonkin

Best Poem of John F. McCullagh

sacred Flame (A Tale Of The Neanderthals) L

The newcomers killed my woman,
Ransacked my cave and killed my child.
My brother and I had been out hunting,
The only reason we’re still alive.

We noticed first as we drew closer
The sacred fire had gone out.
We dropped our catch and sniffed the air-
When I smelled blood I grabbed my axe.

My spirit dropped, my heart was saddened
My woman and my child lay dead
The newcomers had speared the baby
A club caved in my woman’s head.

My brother took the child to bury
I built a rock cairn for my mate
I stroked her matted hair in ...

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Until We Meet Again

I will not let my hand let go your hand.
How little time together here remains:
Dear sister- looking old, frail, and confused-
lost somewhere in Morpheus’ gentle dreams.

The taxi that I called is downstairs waiting,
and shortly I must tear myself away
Knowing that our parting will be final-

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