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There are faces in the darkness

There to see and not be seen.

The newcomers killed my woman,

She had been through so much,
Still, the cancer had spread
Now six weeks into treatment
She's confined to her bed. 

A cup of tea, some soda bread,
Would you take some milk and sugar, friend?
Sit here by the fireside
And share with me the daylights end.

My minds image of my Ellen
Is like a rose preserved from time.
Or like a treasured bottle
from a vintage year for wine.

My brother died upon a tongue

But now I with my legions come

It was a year ago today
Twin towers built of steel and stone
Still stood beside the water’s edge
To greet the final morning dawn

A horse to Ride, A sword to wield,
an ocean of grass to tame.
The Seventh was out in the field
to make George Custer’s name.

In an antiquated walk-up
in an older part of town,
The photographer waits patiently
for her to shed her gown.

A Prayer for Thanksgiving,2010

Lord, we humbly thank you
For the feast you set before us.

I knew a rose without a thorn,

The rarest bloom that grows

He sang a tenor’s part-

No more a tenor really

The sunlight is too bright for me-
I was in prison for so long.

My trial, a show staged by the Court,

The call went out
It meant one thing.
Death in the line of duty

I was one of thirty embryos,

St. Patrick's Church was sparsely filled
For Friday morning mass
The seniors getting restless-
the clock reada quarter past.

A Study in Scarlett

A wistful sadness in your eyes
Says all you need to say..

Roses in profusion
bloomed along our garden wall.
They were both red and yellow-
tea hybrids, I recall.


I was one of thirty embryos,
but I alone survive.
I am the Savior sibling
Without which my sister dies.

4 A.M.- it’s much too early
It’s no surprise I’m feeling surly.
It’s cold outside and lacking light.
It feels like the middle of the night!

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My influences are Browning, Service, Donne, Thomas Grey, E.A. Poe and Shakespeare.)

The Best Poem Of John F. McCullagh

A Life In The Theater

There are faces in the darkness

There to see and not be seen.

We are players acting out

“A Midsummer night's Dream”

I am a minor player-

An inconsequential part

Think of me as of a wall

Between two loving hearts

I've learned my choreography

And know my lines by heart.

I hear the music playing-

the thing’s about to start.

Stage love is unending

and best described as blind.

No pair ending up estranged-
the happy ever kind-

The people go home happy

By car or cab or train

And wake up the next morning

To find that nothing’s changed.

John F. McCullagh Comments 24 April 2018

Just wrote a book about teaching art inspired writing & poetry and would like to use The Eternal Question in my book. How do I contact Mr. McCullagh to get his permission?

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Mikhail Sonkin 28 April 2016

Dear John, This is the first time when I tried to read contemporary English poem. I am a Russian who live in USA 24 years, and I am 71, and I write some poem too. My Russian friend translated some of your poems, I liked them so I decided to read in English. I love this poem. You are right in your last lines. In a two years I and my wife will have 50 anniversary of our marriage. It is an answer on your poem. Best wishes Mikhail Sonkin

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Indifferent wives make excellent widows.

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