John F. McCullagh

Gold Star - 5,061 Points [The Hobbit] (09/28/1954 / Flushing)

John F. McCullagh Poems

1. Robert Emmet 10/25/2009
2. The Race For The Cure 10/25/2009
3. The Race 10/26/2009
4. The Copse Of Trees 10/26/2009
5. The Gift By A Donor 10/26/2009
6. The Crown Of Thorns 10/26/2009
7. The Road To Emmaus 10/26/2009
8. The Sound Of Your Laughter 10/27/2009
9. Keystone State Of Mind- Song Parody 10/28/2009
10. Diamond In The Rough 10/29/2009
11. Same Sentence 10/31/2009
12. The Strand* 10/31/2009
13. Lucky Man 10/31/2009
14. Burning Bush 10/31/2009
15. The Death Of The Washington Madam 10/31/2009
16. There Used To Be A Ballpark Here 10/31/2009
17. Meaningful Games 10/31/2009
18. The Only Way Is Through 10/31/2009
19. Farewell To My Fans 10/31/2009
20. The Visit 10/31/2009
21. Faded Photographs 11/1/2009
22. Soliloquy Of The First Time Buyer 11/4/2009
23. Twenty Seven! 11/5/2009
24. Family Tree 11/6/2009
25. Dancing In The Dark 11/8/2009
26. Fight Like A Girl 11/10/2009
27. The Clock Radio 11/18/2009
28. Full Faith And Credit 11/20/2009
29. Stardust 12/3/2009
30. State Of The Union 12/18/2009
31. Strange Bedfellows 12/26/2009
32. Narrow Bed 1/4/2010
33. Annonymity 1/4/2010
34. Undress For The T.S.A (Tune Of Come To The Cabaret) 1/14/2010
35. Drive Time 1/22/2010
36. The Dancer 1/24/2010
37. Patti Smith, By Maplethorpe 1/31/2010
38. The Ghost Of Tower Two 1/31/2010
39. In The Shadow 2/1/2010
40. The Mayaguez Incident 2/6/2010

Comments about John F. McCullagh

  • (4/24/2018 7:47:00 AM)

    Just wrote a book about teaching art inspired writing & poetry and would like to use The Eternal Question in my book. How do I contact Mr. McCullagh to get his permission?

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  • Mikhail Sonkin (4/28/2016 9:53:00 AM)

    Dear John,
    This is the first time when I tried to read contemporary English poem. I am a Russian who live in USA 24 years, and I am 71, and I write some poem too. My Russian friend translated some of your poems, I liked them so I decided to read in English.
    I love this poem. You are right in your last lines. In a two years I and my wife will have 50 anniversary of our marriage. It is an answer on your poem.
    Best wishes Mikhail Sonkin

Best Poem of John F. McCullagh

sacred Flame (A Tale Of The Neanderthals) L

The newcomers killed my woman,
Ransacked my cave and killed my child.
My brother and I had been out hunting,
The only reason we’re still alive.

We noticed first as we drew closer
The sacred fire had gone out.
We dropped our catch and sniffed the air-
When I smelled blood I grabbed my axe.

My spirit dropped, my heart was saddened
My woman and my child lay dead
The newcomers had speared the baby
A club caved in my woman’s head.

My brother took the child to bury
I built a rock cairn for my mate
I stroked her matted hair in ...

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The Race For The Cure

I had a sister once
She had sunshine in her smile
She was everybody’s friend
For you she’d gladly walk a mile

When I see her in my mind’s eye
Jeanette’s forever young
When we lost her to the monster
She was only 41.

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