John F. McCullagh Poems

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A Life In The Theater

There are faces in the darkness

There to see and not be seen.

sacred Flame (A Tale Of The Neanderthals) L

The newcomers killed my woman,

A Light Before Dying (Dark Humor)

She had been through so much,
Still, the cancer had spread
Now six weeks into treatment
She's confined to her bed. 

A Cup Of Tea

A cup of tea, some soda bread,
Would you take some milk and sugar, friend?
Sit here by the fireside
And share with me the daylights end.

(it Was) A Very Good Year.

My minds image of my Ellen
Is like a rose preserved from time.
Or like a treasured bottle
from a vintage year for wine.

A Snowflake’s Revenge

My brother died upon a tongue

But now I with my legions come

A Year Ago Today, The 9/11 Poem

It was a year ago today
Twin towers built of steel and stone
Still stood beside the water’s edge
To greet the final morning dawn

A Pale Horse, George A. Custer And The Seventh Calvary

A horse to Ride, A sword to wield,
an ocean of grass to tame.
The Seventh was out in the field
to make George Custer’s name.

The Photographer

In an antiquated walk-up
in an older part of town,
The photographer waits patiently
for her to shed her gown.

A Prayer For Thanksgiving,2010

A Prayer for Thanksgiving,2010

Lord, we humbly thank you
For the feast you set before us.

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