John Gabriel

John Gabriel Poems

1. King Of The Barnyard 11/19/2013
2. Thank God It’s Friday Night 11/22/2013
3. Oh How I Really Miss You 8/17/2015
4. I Brought You Home Beautiful Flowers And Candy 8/20/2015
5. If I Say That I'M Sorry 9/7/2015
6. Veterans Day 11/11/2015
7. A Fish Tale 11/20/2015
8. A Faded Picture 11/23/2015
9. Love Thy Neighbor 11/27/2015
10. Mean Spirited Woman 12/7/2015
11. Jelly And Jam 12/11/2015
12. I Might Stumble 12/26/2015
13. Tizzy 1/1/2016
14. I'll Never Win 1/4/2016
15. A Ghost Named Murray 1/9/2016
16. I'm A Working Stiff 1/11/2016
17. Never Out Of Style 12/1/2013
18. Sweetheart, Sweetheart I’ve Been Thinking 2/1/2014
19. Mr. Crow And Life's Journey 11/8/2013
20. Marilyn Monroe 11/26/2013
21. Eyes Of Blue 11/30/2013
22. A True Friend 11/22/2013
23. The Irish Beauty Queen 10/25/2015
24. Boogers 1/4/2014
25. If Love Is Free 12/26/2015
26. Best Friends Are Like Stars... 11/8/2013
27. Blood Is Thicker Than Water 11/25/2013
28. I Farted I Farted 11/17/2013
Best Poem of John Gabriel

I Farted I Farted

It was all so silent but I farted I farted
from the rear of my pants it has departed
and all too quickly the stink had started

Without even a chance to walk away
a pretty lady began to come my way
I can’t believe the smell had no delay

The stink could easily cover a square mile
and surely would reek for quite awhile
as she approached me she lost her smile

Having to think swiftly and say something fast
I blurted out the only words I could amass
damn lady did that come from your ass

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Marilyn Monroe

People will always call you the blonde bombshell
with cherry red lips that smiled with so much passion
those pretty blue eyes still capture the hearts of so many
the way you walked and moved will always be in fashion

Your journey was filled with both happiness and tears
but the sunny memories of you outshine the sorrow
you left us with a legend that will always shine bright
just wish life could of gave you one more tomorrow

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