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I do know a young girl
Full of womanliness, that verve
Her heart full of such goodness
No matter what, she never had rudeness

How can this be my friend,
That our friendship has end?
How can this be true,
When all I know is you?

How will I cry?
This river has swallowed my tears
My whole happy heart it tears
Leaving my mouth to cry...oh why!


Your voice is too loud
Always try to be calm
Try to work things out
Without fight or qualm

Yes, modern beauty in display
The hot flaunt like I-don't-care
There is so much to say
About these babes we men dare

The heavy white joy!
If you aint the one to marry
the rich luscious Egusi soup,
Then it wouldn't be a complete ambrosia

You kind and skilled thief,
Stealing people's heart with your beauty
Enchanting men who keep fighting over you
As if it is a fight for life

Hey! Don't gawk at me like that
I'm not a mad man like you're filthily thinking
It doesn't matter if I clothe my being in fetid rags
Judge me not by my ugly and poor look

Your beauty is my luminary
Dominating all my heart desire
I would trade it not for all treasures
Of all the seas and the lands on earth

The work of the devil;
Amorphousness among the churches,
It reeks from twisting the Scripture.
Twisted by those standing famous and respected at the pulpit.

You can punish me
I deserve to be
But try to see
In my heart, I weep

So long I left my infanthood
When my mind was a stainless snow
When all I do was squelch my food,
Play, cry, sleep and delight my soul

O' my love, my voice, my song, my melody
O' you whose beauty is the source of my strength
Whose caress feeds my bone, my flesh with pleasure
Whose bright grin is the cause of my tranquil life


When my eyes meet the red painted of yours
And in company with your pink robust lips
Many things swell wild and vile in my mind
And I look behind your loaded waist

Good friends are pious and source of joy and strength
Their influence; just and true like the sunlight
They feel your pain and trudge with you to any length
To see they pull the irking weeds in your life

Many years ago I was a little boy
I'd jump, hop, run, kick and play with my ball
I had good friends whose presence gave me joy
But today, oh today, I miss them all!

You're shining endlessly in my heart,
Glowing gracefully like the morning sun
Taking my joy to its apogee
With your gentle caress and smile

This is it, if I must confess
And this sky above me is my witness,
That each day has never gone by
Without the tranquil thought of you and I

I'm no better than not by your side
I'm a fraction of myself without you
I have no shame, and have nothing to hide
Whether I stand clothed or bare in your view

I don't know what this is, my friend
Neither do I wish that it comes to end
So cool and sweet like ice is this feeling
So gradual and fervent just like a healing

John Onyeme Biography

My name is John Chika Onyeme. I hail from Ndukwa West Local Government Area of Delta State. Am quite an amiable person; kind hearted, and have loving grandeaur. Teaching, reading, and writing are my hobbies. The love for poetry has been existing in me since I was a kid, but being dyslexic, I could not show any thing for it until recently. I had to step on so many thorns to be that brilliant I had wished to be. I became a swot and that has lead me to what am able to do now. However, am still a student of the Federal College of Education, Technical, Asaba, Delta State. There, am working hard to be the distinctive teacher, and a writer I wish to be. Although, my first novel is under publication, just as much as I need to show how much I love poetry. So I see poetry as a way to get free from inner trouble, a way to show the world the happenstances of your heart, and the pleasure of creative writing; it is a great fun.)

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True Beauty Of A Woman

I do know a young girl
Full of womanliness, that verve
Her heart full of such goodness
No matter what, she never had rudeness
Her heart, like snow was pure
But she felt she had a sickness to cure,
Her face holds no sweetness,
That she felt she was worthless

She would preen all day
For her peers to see and say
That she was beautiful...
But no one saw she was beautiful...
Unlike her friends, admired by boys
And they stay, and play with them like their toys
But see, she was rarely looked at
If only they play with her like that

So she sat all the time lonely
Thinking, and hate herself slowly
She wish she could do something
But there was actually nothing
Nothing she could really do
To feel quite as beautiful as you
Nothing she says about herself
That you'll smile yourself

Then, she went to her mother,
Looking more troubled and sadder
'Mother' she called, 'look at me,
Tell me, what really do you see? '
Her Mum replied: 'Oh dear, I see
I see my good-hearted daughter,
As beautiful as a queen's daughter'
'No Mummy, please tell me the truth'
'You're beautiful, my dear Ruth'

'See Ruth, God's creations are all beautiful and bright,
Shining attratcively like the sun light
But it's you, who didn't see it right
Ruth, you need to stop blurring the sight
Of your look from the beauty of your mates
That's why yourself, you've hate
Cos you want to be like them
But theirs is a beauty without root, yet stem'

'Hear what that means Ruth,
This is purely the truth;
Their beauty is just outward
But yours is greatly inward
Outward beauty will fade..away
Inward beauty grows all the way
You have a glowing heart of gold
Godly men search hard to behold'

'The beauty of your heart,
Though you leave this world, won't part,
From you, not your footprint, not your soul
Till eternity it'll grow
Your Maker had made it so
So feel beautiful anywhere you go
Godly people, good men would need it
They'ld love it, and will need to have it'

So my dear, you're beautiful
You need to be greatful
To God who saw you're wonderful
Specially, needly at heart
Not necessarily on face
For the wealth of the face,
Would day by day depart
But that in your heart, forever'll stay'

And Ruth's mother concluded
Her daugther's trouble she soothed away
That true beauty of a woman,
Can never fade, can't go away
Weather, make-up, and age
Can not really change
The true beauty of a woman

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