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My name is John Chika Onyeme. I hail from Ndukwa West Local Government Area of Delta State. Am quite an amiable person; kind hearted, and have loving grandeaur. Teaching, reading, and writing are my hobbies.
The love for poetry has been existing in me since I was a kid, but being dyslexic, I could not show any thing for it until recently. I had t ...

John Onyeme Poems

True Beauty Of A Woman

I do know a young girl
Full of womanliness, that verve
Her heart full of such goodness
No matter what, she never had rudeness

Don'T Leave Me My Friend

How can this be my friend,
That our friendship has end?
How can this be true,
When all I know is you?

Uninvited River

How will I cry?
This river has swallowed my tears
My whole happy heart it tears
Leaving my mouth to cry...oh why!

Modern Babes

Yes, modern beauty in display
The hot flaunt like I-don't-care
There is so much to say
About these babes we men dare


Your voice is too loud
Always try to be calm
Try to work things out
Without fight or qualm

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