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Who's In Your Head

Who’s in the corner, who’s in your head – We’re not crazy, that’s what you said
Laughter in the background, screaming in the night – Burning candles, flames in a fight
Mommy’s not happy, fighting for a smile – Daddy’s not around, been gone for a while
Jr’s in his room with a gun to his head – Talking to the devil who’s under his bed


People are coming and going – Most without knowing
Why they are here today
War in Iraq – Religious attack – Where is my 401k
Look around – We’re going down – Never to return

Before Time And Space

Before time and space – You know He was there
He gave us life – Yes, He gave us air
He gave us choices – He let us choose
John 3: 16 – Or a bottle of booze

Your Soul Is Leaving

As your soul is leaving and you stop breathing, demons fall from the sky

You look towards heaven, like on 911, but only to ask why

The Fight Of Your Life

Born of Adam – We arrive in sin
No fault of our own – Inherited from men
We enter this life – With selfish desires
Hungry for power – Surrounded by liars

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