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1. Remember To Forgive! 2/7/2008
2. Love Thy Neighbor 2/7/2008
3. Red Paint 2/7/2008
4. Planting Seed! 2/7/2008
5. Desirers? 2/7/2008
6. Lust! 2/7/2008
7. Temptation 2/7/2008
8. Blood Of Ages 2/7/2008
9. God's Poem 2/7/2008
10. God Is The Judge 2/7/2008
11. The Love Of Food 2/7/2008
12. The Sin We Love 2/7/2008
13. Faith & Action? 2/7/2008
14. Not To Hate 2/7/2008
15. The Fight Of Christ 2/9/2008
16. What God Says To Me! 2/10/2008
17. Courting Is The Question? 2/25/2008
18. How Do You Live By The Word? 2/25/2008
19. In Saerch Of Chirst 2/25/2008
20. How To Serve God 2/25/2008
21. The Pain Of Love 2/28/2008
22. Who's At My Door? 3/18/2008
23. Battle Of The Flesh 3/18/2008
24. Pridefully Humble 3/18/2008
25. The Inner Struggle 3/18/2008
26. Birth Of An Idea 3/18/2008
27. Vanquish Your Demon 3/18/2008
28. Cage Of Fear 3/18/2008
29. God's Word 3/18/2008
30. Am I Rejecting God? 3/18/2008
31. Un Dying Thirst 3/18/2008
32. Can God Change Hearts 7/6/2008
33. The Flood Of The Spirit 7/6/2008
34. Give God's Way! 2/7/2008
35. What Was Given 2/7/2008
36. Foot Steps Clearing My Way 2/7/2008
37. Die To All! ! 1/19/2009
38. Beauty With Out Lust 1/19/2009
39. Beholding His Face? 4/10/2009
40. Fruit Of The Spirit 4/10/2009

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The Bride Of Christ

Jesus died for Your sins
To give glory to the Father
So God could give life to Jesus
The day so Jesus gave his Spirit
A wedding gift for Christ's bride
So He can prepare a place for us!
In his Father's house & come again
LORD said to me, 'Go, show your love
To your wife again, though
she is loved by another
For she is an adulteress.
Love her as God loves the Israelites,

What dose this mean for us?
Do we wait around for the bridegroom?
No, His Spirit was left to prepare us!
Like Easter it takes time to be beautiful
The spirit draws us ...

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Remember To Forgive!

itch in places i can't touch
Feel pain where i can not move
Causes me to remember being saved
I felt move of God because i liked a girl
Something changed I could not say what?
I remember the bible came one door Christmas eve
Reading the first 20 pages bored me to tears
I don't know how i pushed forward anyway
One night in pain Satan offered me all I wanted.

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