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Just a wanna-be poet trying to figure out how to live a satisfying and meaningful life. How to enjoy the good times and make it through the inevitable melancholy and madness. I want to ride life's crests to the fullest and avoid drowning in life's troughs. Most of all to put into words the mystery that is life.

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A life without hope is a dismal existence
try as hard as you might, it's just futile persistence
Drab days far out number the bright days
dark clouds forever block out the sun rays
blue jays are chased away by death-loving vultures
I am unable to enjoy humanities customs and cultures
Sad, sorry solitude
frivolously feigning fortitude
daring to deviate
from pain that won't alleviate
That this will never end is my greatest fear
hoping for a pill that will make my pain disappear

Please all constructive criticism is welcome because I am a novice in poetry writing

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