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Dear lord here I sit with pen in hand
Hoping you will understand
Lillian will be dancing with the stars
With mother nature

I spied a bald eagle using the wind
To hunt for his prey.
He wandered afar as to leave my eyesight
Then soared with the wind

With numbing cold, biting at my brittle bones
I feel many years giving me a wake up shake
Gripping my coat through the more gripping cold
I feel the world has grown old.

I found him in mud colored red by the blood
Breathing but weak not able to speak
Surrounded by eerie lights of battle out of sight
He shook like a leaf I felt his grief

I cradle the travelers in their windy Birth,
My name is Mother....Mother Earth.

I Give them a bed in nature to lie,

Go ahead and sink that dagger in my heart.
It feels not the pain.
Slice it in thin bloody slices.
It feels nothing.

Maybe I am angry perhaps I should start to forgive.
Many countries and streets I have lived.
My heart is tiring of the negative thoughts,
My mind sends of the battles I've fought.


The poison I dodged in my life
Were vipers that could take my life

I hunted with my favorite friend

If a spider I would feed you my girl
Something spicy from natures grill

Your bigger and better than me
Bigger is better for a man you see

A winter storm in Jersey south
Stopping by a field of white
I spied a flock of wild turkeys
What a beautiful sight


Let me buy the vodka
Never touch the stuff

My quirky poems you enjoy

I grew up
Called the Pup
You inspired me
Who who are you to not see in the dark


I feel them in the winter time,
When life is cold, and time goes slow.

We shiver with cold like a silver dime,

A cardboard box is my home
In the city where I was born
Wine beer and rats are my best friends

It was masked by massive tall oaks
The lonely road

Rivers of tears flanked its path

To give me sorrow on her eve of death
To leave a letter on her dusty desk

Who the hell cares

That pie are not square
They are round

Best dog I ever had

I come for you
There is no escape
I am worse than evil defined
Your life I rape

Time is of the essence
A lovely journey
At some expense
I could not wait

If I was peanut butter and jelly
I might be old
If I was pencil and paper
I might be bold

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I am an old Marine. Enough said...Love you folks on poemhunter...more than enough said.lived in Puerto Rico Japan, Hawaii when it became a state, Lima Peru for the big earthquake of sixty seven.Accomplished Chef in southern New Jersey.Lucky enough to be a marine...which makes me very lucky.)

The Best Poem Of John Shea

Dancing In Heaven

Dear lord here I sit with pen in hand
Hoping you will understand
Lillian will be dancing with the stars
With mother nature
Old man winter
Integrated with the wind and rain
Dancing in heaven
With wild refrain
Holding hands with the angels
Who smile with bliss Whispering in the night wind
To loved ones on earth
Sending them a gentle kiss
So lord you are really blessed
To have Lillian
Your dancing guest
Now that special smile.

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