John W. McEwers

Veteran Poet - 1,178 Points (6/20/1980 / Nova Scotia, Halifax)

John W. McEwers Poems

1. Pools Of Tears Make Arms Bleed 4/12/2010
2. The Sunshine In Winter 4/12/2010
3. Guilty By Condemnation 4/12/2010
4. Justice Is Strong Willed Good 4/12/2010
5. The Death Of The Crow Of Winter's Hate 4/12/2010
6. Love Poem 4/12/2010
7. Friendship Is Nice For Her 4/12/2010
8. Polite Person On The Bus Yesterday 4/12/2010
9. Fattening Relationship With That Woman 4/12/2010
10. Condolences 4/12/2010
11. She's Wild 4/12/2010
12. Her Walk 4/12/2010
13. The Garden Hopper 4/12/2010
14. O' The Tulips! 4/12/2010
15. Love Is A Friendly Smile At Twilight 4/12/2010
16. Juniper In The Wind 4/12/2010
17. Heartstrings 4/12/2010
18. If Life Was A Child Its An Orphan 4/12/2010
19. Cold Dogs In My Ears 4/12/2010
20. Love Poem Number Too 4/12/2010
21. The Midnight Of Summer 4/12/2010
22. The Storm Crow Calls 4/12/2010
23. Heart Magnets 4/12/2010
24. The Talent Within 4/12/2010
25. O' The Rhododendrons! 4/12/2010
26. Ham And Olives 4/12/2010
27. Built Me A House On Housefly Eyes 4/12/2010
28. Better Off In England 4/12/2010
29. Hardly Meat 4/12/2010
30. Frog Fire 4/12/2010
31. My Child 4/12/2010
32. I Only See Him On Wednesdays 4/12/2010
33. When The Wonder Is Too Much 4/12/2010
34. If It Burns, Flow Sweet Water, Flow 4/12/2010
35. Amy, My Baby 4/12/2010
36. Robert 4/12/2010
37. Whenever I'M Down 4/12/2010
38. Where There Once Was A Woman, A Statue Stands 4/12/2010
39. Flower 4/12/2010
40. Beauty Is In Beautiful Faces 4/12/2010

Comments about John W. McEwers

  • Beth Johnson (2/17/2012 12:32:00 PM)

    interesting and amusing liked the part of the heart being wrapped up.Well done! beth

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    1 person did not like.
  • Beth Johnson (2/17/2012 12:28:00 PM)

    amusing and provocative.Applebees haha! Loved it! beth

  • Beth Johnson (2/17/2012 12:23:00 PM)

    Hi John,
    I like this one.It was amusing dining out and comparing your wife to a pasta dish.Very fun and creative, Well done! beth

Best Poem of John W. McEwers

How To Tie A Tie.

Before we even start
have that tie in your hand.
this won't work
unless you commit.

Grip it tight, wrap the ends
around your fists
hold it like a garrote,
pretend she's in front of you
gagging like a duck stuck
in one of those pop can rings.

When the blood vessels
bursting obscures this mirage
go ahead and loosen your grip
Smooth out the wrinkles
you've no doubt created
and carefully, round your neck,
drape it.

Leave just enough hanging
to maybe, possibly, tie up a noose,
swing the fat side over,
then remember how ...

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Forget The Roses

Forgot lies, she said
and she said forget the flowers
they weren't pretty, you know,
you knew they weren't and thats why
you picked them and she said
it ain't bail money baby, it aint some price
to pay for me being here
but I swear I'll leave if you buy
that kinda flower
one more time.

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