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1. God's Gifts (Moms) 4/16/2007
2. Don'T Need That Kind Of Man 4/16/2007
3. Psst. Make The Right Choice 6/23/2007
4. The Sky Cries For The Lives Lost 10/8/2008
5. Silent World 10/8/2008
6. I Am No Longer Afraid 11/13/2008
7. My Friend The Little Drummer Boy 8/10/2009
8. That Feeling 7/2/2010
9. He's Just Not That Into You 3/18/2011
10. My World 3/18/2011
11. Remember After You Grow Up 3/18/2011
12. Who I Am (Original Fame) 3/18/2011
13. In Silence 8/29/2011
14. Every Birthday 11/2/2007
15. Imagine And Belive 5/8/2007
16. I Am No Longer Silent 10/8/2008
17. O.C. 10/8/2008
18. Abscence Of Light 5/24/2009
19. The Funny Thing About The Meaning Of Life 10/8/2008
20. Lost And Found 10/8/2008
21. Why She Dances 8/27/2008
22. True Friends And Fake Friends 4/16/2007

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Best Poem of Joi Till

True Friends And Fake Friends

(TF) =True friend
(FF) =fake friend
(U) = You

U= Hey gurls
TF=hey gurl
U=(to FF) i love your outfit
FF= i kno
TF=(to u) i love your outfit
TF=(rolls her eyes)
U= ay you kno the guy i like he jus dissed me on the phone last night he called me ugly
FF= Well you are sike naw just playin (laughs)
TF= forget her and him you are georgeous and any guy would love to be with you
FF=(still laughin) yeah
TF= that other guy you like likes you though go talk to him
U= i guess so okay i will c you guys later(you leave) ...

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Imagine And Belive

Imagine being free
Imagine being strong
Imagine beliving in what you are
Imagine being beautiful
Imagine being smart
Imagine beliving that you are
Imagine being great
Imagine being luvable
Imagine beliving, becuase you are

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