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Lost And Found

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Like the lost boy’s of peter pan, like the lost children of our generation. Like the lost slaves of our ancestors, like leaders of our world. Lost

The lost boys always had their home their refuge their one place that was not lost like they were but found. Some people could say it was their unity that was their home. Some people might say it was their home in the tree. A place they could count on to be there. I say they found their way through Peter Pan

The children of our generation find their home and refuge through drugs, phones, other people, being “cool”
Where is their home their refuge. Where is the found to their lost? Where is their safe place?

The slaves who ran, and ran, and ran got lost of course, got captured of course, and also died on their way to their happy ending their peace and refuge their found in the world of lost. But to me their found was their spirit, and faith and hope

Lost and found to complete opposites yet one can’t exist without the other.

Lost. Then found.
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Tai Chi Italy 08 October 2008

I think this could have been written slightly more fluidly but I get the message and it is true. Our children are growing up not knowing how to interact with their own families, never mind the outside world, which as we have seen all over the modern world, has shown us, lost chldren with little hope and dark anger that bursts out without very much provocation at all....we see it here amongst the young poets too, who, like most of our younger generations, feel let down by so called society today... Which brings us back to your piece here and how important a safe place to call home is to each and every one of us? We all need a haven, especially our children and they need us to be there to support them, instead of tv dinners and generations of latch key kids. Home is where your heart is, and mine is always at home with my boys....thanks for this inspiring read and maybe Parenting one day, will be valued highly as it should be and parents supported better. Smiling at you, Tai

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Chrissie Scriven 08 October 2008

I really enjoy reading you're poems they are very true to their word. i will look forward to readding some more similar to this one.

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