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I may not express what I feel for you
But in silence I know 'Someone' up high do,
I may not feel your touch in my arms
But the wind's silent soft touch will do

Birds swimming in the sky
Colours blended with the kite
Beach's gleaming in sandy white
Sun shining a beauty in my eye.

'Hope is a waking dream.' Aristotle

Hope is a dream - a survival of our inner thoughts,
Love is a hope that opens up our hearts,

'God created air to give life, and water to sustain it.' J. Polo-Ramirez

Get on with our lives in two different worlds,
Mine in the slow lane, yours the brain gets drained.

Winds blowing from the east
Transplanted scents into the west,

Mountains of forest far beyond the eye can see,

We are blood relations and yet there's a big wall between us,
We can't get through; we choose not to get through,
The wall is growing not because it has to - but a wish
A wish that somehow this wall will unravel itself, a wishful thinking;

Love, how should it be?
Sweet charmer you've got me,
If love's a mystery then
You fall in and out one day.

Memory lost in a sea of thoughts
Thinkers not, but images recalls
Mind sees the picture
But eyes just the shape

'Arrange whatever pieces come your way' Virginia Woolf

I thought I died in a dream one night
For reality tells me my heart did die one time,

Awake again, late at night listening to the sounds,
A city of urban hustles, parallels of foxes' hounds,
Crickets replace by transports' whooshing by
On a highway, busy like an ant preparing for a stormy day,

The minutes of drought in my mind in times where the city
Is bustling with life, sounds of movements from a car -
Meaningless - but its continuous movement from afar -
A brook flows by, an imagination... wanted to reach out

Harbinger of death half clad in a gown of grey
Hair tousled, monstrous to my normal sight,
Fist clasp, holding a thunder cloud...
Face stern with unconscious smirk ready to jump out.

Mountain ranges smiling dawn of the day
River sleepless, awakened by a peeking sun's ray

A Special class of four, writing and re-writing
References so vast, the choice abounds,
An intelligent choice, a brilliant idea surmounts,
The price of knowledge, a flexible thinking

My life began as an upsurge of existence
A series of my continuity, my time's desire to move on.
For my time moves on forever, moves forward

Full fathom lies our heart's desire,
Mourned forever 'till the next life,

Man-made jungle, grey and brown colored forest abound,
Giant hawks perched on cornices - ready to claw;

'There is a message in everybody's smile.' JPR

She mirrored herself into a pond,
She speaks not with her mouth but in her sad eyes,

The Tea Mug waiting to be picked
Her only company while Death knocks on her door,
The sun already setting by the horizon,
Outside the world seemed to stand still

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'Reading and writing does not only promote knowledge, it is an exercise of the mind and heart and a means to communicate.' Jona Polo-Ramirez Jona is a Filipino-Canadian, born in Ambuklao, Benguet Province. She belongs to one of the Indigenous tribes (Igorots) in the Mountain Ranges of Northern Philippines. Having gone through two major surgeries of cancer, her love for writing became her survival tool. In addition, her hard work and perseverance brought her to where she wants and loves to be: To teach and write. Despite her busy life as a part time University of Toronto student and a full time high school teacher, as well as a parent, she still finds time to write poetry and short stories.She also loves to travel and write about people and places.)

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To Someone I Admire In Silence

I may not express what I feel for you
But in silence I know 'Someone' up high do,
I may not feel your touch in my arms
But the wind's silent soft touch will do
I may not be in a place with you
Yet unknowingly our footprints will be
In the same path on a certain time and day.

I may not be able to say in words
How I admired learned things from you,
But in prayers I do certainly know and wish
The best things in life for you.

And though our eyes may never gaze again
And words be never spoken out to hear,
My silent, fervent prayer indeed
Will find its way to you as something else.

For I know in silence we can but think
The things we shared and love in grace
It is in silence that we can keep in peace
The peace that held us both in pain.

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