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Hey Eduardo!
Your name won't be forgotten.
It will echo through our heads
as well as screams of despair.

Without melodies in words,
we modify the wonderful daydream
which one day we doubted exist.
So, sweat drips slowly by the body

... He didn't want to wait.
He just couldn't wait...


I'm always surrounded
by any people
who never wanted to be happy
in their own destiny.

To Drummond

And now, Carlos?
I had friends, I had family,

To Daniel Nunes

Before turning on my heart,
I used to walk in the dark.

Yes, my dear, I can be happy.
No, my dear, your words don't scare me.
Yes, my dear, there's a real organ.
No, my dear, it's not metallic like yours.

Among the wagons
I found the affection
which one day made me cry.
And maybe that has never been

Lying on the cool floor
and hoping that the locomotive
crossed our view,
we realize what the older enjoyed.


In the north, the rain is white,
the floor is covered with clouds,
the wind tears the skin and
the cold invades the body.

I see the greedy man
whose only son comes
from a curious wish
for money who he already has.


Every word has a meaning
able to bring up

His name is still screamed
in nights of true loneliness.
And the echo is enough
to convince me.

To anyone

The warning


I once heard a scream
from inside me.
So I opened my heart to the world,
in order to silence it,

He's got mysterious eyes
which stare at me directly.
He's got fleshy lips
which bite dangerously.

The empty fills me
as if I had depth;
straight and fast,
yearning some forgiveness.

Sometimes I wanted to grow up
with the same rapidity used
to fall in love in secret
... forgetting wouldn't be a problem,


The absence of air
affects the lungs,

This has never been a pleasure
neither has been lost.
Fact is what must be,
although it has already been.

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Eduardo's Last Words

Hey Eduardo!
Your name won't be forgotten.
It will echo through our heads
as well as screams of despair.
It will invade our hearts
as well as old lovers.

Where are the moments
which stab the chest,
investigate the body
and fill it with sorrow?
Where did they go?
Where are they?

Oh Eduardo!
I can't be courageous;
not after seeing you so cold.
She can't stand upright;
not after having her heart broken.

So much time penetrated the darkness
made you wish one last will;
– almost unreachable, almost in vain...
I hope they know how to be sensitive,
because I really don't know what else I must feel.
Oh too many words dissolved into a simple yearning!

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Jonas Goncalves Popularity

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