Anxious Lovers Poem by Jonas Goncalves

Anxious Lovers

Rating: 4.5

Without melodies in words,
we modify the wonderful daydream
which one day we doubted exist.
So, sweat drips slowly by the body
until touching in this drought surface.

Outside, the cold embrace us strongly,
and drops under the skin become,
again, sudden wishes.
Know that even though I have done
several trips inside this place,
I feel ready to go for real;
forgetting all the anguishes.

During sleep which city had,
a pale face was watching me.
And it was fragility of its eyes
which captivated me, and once,
it was the tenderness in its voice
which woke me up.

The anxiety invaded our minds,
making us die of melancholy.
This is so stunning
which I lose myself in life
while I try to live it.

However, your sighs finished
and I heard someone talking next to me:
'a little caress would do well.'
Declaimed the wild heart
which long time it felt lonely
for never having been treated with sincerity.

They taught us
this form of love,
now we depend on it.
They prepared us
to support all,
except our own feelings.
They promised us something different,
but my eyes only see
the monotony which the world's become.

Such love came too fast
and with it an irreparable pain.
We should have lived longer
before dying in the dark.

Friday, May 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love

full of passion and melancholic melody. Well done

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Brian Jani 02 May 2014

Well written and nice choice of words.please checkout my poems

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