jordan scown

Rookie (2nd of Febuary 1995 / Montville)

jordan scown Poems

1. 'The Shinning Light 5/25/2010
2. 'Twin Dragons' 5/25/2010
3. 'Fire From Above 5/25/2010
4. 'Memory By Faith' 5/25/2010
5. 'Birth By Sleep' 5/25/2010
6. 'A Rose' 5/25/2010
7. 'The Light Pole' 5/25/2010
8. 'Open Wings' 5/25/2010
9. 'Emotions' 5/25/2010
10. 'Fire And Ice' 5/25/2010
11. 'Crushed By Shadow' 5/25/2010
12. 'Seasons' 5/26/2010
13. 'Search' 7/8/2010
14. 'Traceur's Freedom' 8/2/2010
15. 'Creek Of Mysteries' 10/8/2010
16. 'The Awakening' 11/13/2010
17. 'Fallen' 11/13/2010
18. 'My' 6/18/2010
19. 'Mother' 5/25/2010
20. 'Guardian Of Cemetary' 5/25/2010
21. 'Rose Peddle' 5/25/2010
22. 'These Flowers' 10/8/2010
23. 'The Cherry Blossoms' 5/25/2010
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'The Cherry Blossoms'

'the cherry blossoms'

swaying in the wind the cherry blossoms feel the nice eastern breeze giving them air too breathe, the tallest tree in the area is loved by a lovely young lady who visits the cherry blossms every day.

the sakura tree gave this lovely young lady a cherry blossom as the eastern breeze blows over the tree, flattered by the gift the lovely young lady went home and made a gift for the sakura tree.

the next day she brought the sakura tree a sipphire ring as a thank you gift the sakura tree was thankful to the lovely young lady. many years passed and the ...

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'The Shinning Light

'the shinning light'

a light out of no where there is nothing but darkness around me.

lighting the area around.

i look around this place i have never seen before and i see a person the light is comming from.

the tears crawling down my face as he says 'dont be afraid' i cant see his face too bright he comforts me takes the fear away he says i am his sone and he loves me, now i can see everything no clouds over my eyes.

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