Jordane Parkes Poems

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Never Give Up

People say you'll never make it
put your hopes and dreams in a bag
and throw them far away
But I did what wasn't expected

Sunday Breeze

There's nothing as refreshing as a Sunday Evening,
sitting in the trees,
enjoying the cool breeze,
reminding myself there's nothing to fret,

Doomsday On Earth

This is what would happen if the world ended,
with the electromagnetic waves of the earth going boom and the, sky covered with a dark gloom.

Everything that once stood tall took a great fall.

Our Planet Earth

Our planet Earth,
the place where we were all birthed,
a place so diverse,
it would take forever to fully traverse,

La Culpabilité Du Survivant

Ils disent qu'il n'y avait rien que tu aurais pu faire,
que tu étais trop jeune,
Ils disent que ce n'est pas ta faute,
tandis que je suis complètement anéanti,

As Time Passes

As time passes memories fade away
with each new step
it leads to another gateway
As time progresses,

Au Fil Du Temps

Alors que le temps passe, les souvenirs s'estompent
avec chaque nouveau pas
cela mène à une autre porte d'entrée
À mesure que le temps avance,

An Everlasting Passion

When times are gray
When nothing seems to be going your way
When things aren't sound
and when the whole

What The Future Holds

We don't know what the future holds,
whether it be a future of gold
or a story of failure behold,
we don't know if we'll forever be brave and bold,

The Survivor's Guilt

They say there is nothing you could have done,
you were too young,
They say It's not your fault,
while I'm completely distraught,

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