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10 August 2020

Many want to live in Mansion with fashion, But dare to live with Passion and Compassion.

10 August 2020

Life is a pursuit from the Mystery to the Master. Jose Mathews Kannamplal.

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REJI RAJU 12 August 2020

Thank you very much, May the God bless you and expecting more from you.

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Bijoy Abraham 06 August 2020

Beautiful Poems ... God bless

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Bijoy Abraham 06 August 2020

Thank you this poetry is worth reading.Good bless

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Jackson 06 August 2020

Nice Poems, we expect more more from you.

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Steve Morris 06 August 2020

Beautifully contemplative.

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The Best Poem Of Jose Mathews Kannamplal

There Is A Rose In Front Of My Country Cottage

There is a Rose in front of my country cottage

In that early lovely solemn dewy dawn,
Born on the side of that gorgeous country barn,
Yet on the foot of that greenish mountain,
With glory and grace like a garden fountain,

In front of my most charming country cottage,
Where solace of heart, flora and fauna have no shortage,
With natures secret harp, not in the olden days or ages past,
With passionate notes, but free from sun and stormy blast,

I found you lovely rose in fragrance and in full bloom,
And found the hands of the great creator without a gloom.
I was thrilled to find your sweet floral smiling gift,
And was ready to take it with full of joy and swift.

Like trees of incense, and myrrh, just near that slope,
You stand with love and joy, waiting with full of hope,
With shrill delight, inspiration, joy and with awe I stand,
And feel like singing solemn song with a lovely band.

Saw those precious golden drops of dew falling down,
Through your comely petals of rose and brown
Like red silk thread, like sweet golden honey,
Which none can make nor buy with money,

Tell me! Is it tears of secret sorrow or sheer Joy?
Because I plead you, like a smiling little boy,
By just a glimpse of you, my aches and pain had gone,
Because in me a love and thrill is suddenly born,

Is it sheer joy embowered which I can simply borrow?
For it soothes my weary soul and fills my marrow,
Which stirs my mind and strikes my heart like a floral arrow,
You thrilled my heart, because you are simply not narrow,

That sweetest sight did ease my little soul,
Than the beautiful sight of a horse and its foal,
You remind me of love and lovers' pledge,
Who walk hand in hand in a meadow's edge?

I am flying in horizon with my bunch of golden thought
Your power and perfume take me without a sailing boat.
Will you stand there, with growth and grace for years to come?
Bless me with love and fragrance, just near my country home.

6th March 1998.Friday. Jose Mathews Kannamplal.

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