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26 April 2018

I am the sun, U my moon, I'd die every night, Just to let you breathe.

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Dreams Were Not Enough To Keep You

I spent a lot of time with you,
In my dreams,
Only to awaken,
& find reality replaced me,
In the dreams I made you happy,
But reality offered you someone,
Better than I could ever be.
He was a broken soul
& I know you love to fix stuff,
Guess you didn't realize by fixing him,
You were breaking me.
I was left looking over my shoulder,
As it got colder,
The nights got longer,
The agonizing pain grew,
Making my heart grow fonder.
With every beat my heart bled,
Eventually my emotions fled,
To avoid that feeling of dread,
My love for you is dead.

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Joseph Kable Popularity

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