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I am only responsible,
For what I do,
What I say,
And not,

Life is unfair,
So is love
And so is all.
Delayed love is not,


Innocence of,
the soft eyes bearing into mine,
soft soft squeezing hugs
the tender kisses on forehead -

A legacy lesser-known
A living voice muted
A life in the nether region of
A materialistic society

A dark force in the day
A force so fierce
A force not seen by the naked eye

Worse than a nuclear warhead
Is an ignorant mind
That taints a society’s soul
To what virtues were

Out of my way
O ignorant and idle mind
I am a man on a mission
To deliver a change

In my face –
A lifetime you discern
In my moth-eaten clothes –
A cloud of defecation and urea ensues

As dusk sets in,
It dawns -
Initiation is nigh.
Neophytes are a bundle of nerves


The fantasy – the contineo
Bring you to real life,

In a lonely Tundra region,
Lichen vowed to fight
On an abandoned gravestone.
Her dream was to be useful,

As the bullet tore into the flesh,
of brother and sister,
of the little blooming flower,
of tomorrow's hope,

I pledge,
To be useful not used,
Live by choice not chance,
Make changes not excuses,

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I am only responsible,
For what I do,
What I say,
And not,
For what you understand
For what you think
For in life,
I am the Master of my destiny,
The artist of my own life,
The writer of my story.

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