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Broken Hearts

many different people have suffered threw heart lose, feeling of happy to sad and why they always cry for weeks, days, or months, but some will get over it and try try again.

when different people loses their spirted and loses the will to try again then those people will never find love again.

Deep Feelings

deep feelings are feelings that are shared by others.
deep feelings are feelings when you get your heart broken and you have an out of control feeling like crying.
many different people have deep feelings.
some people are holding the deep feelings in them.


trust is the only thing you can't buy with money.
trust must be earned.
but the biggest trust you must have is the person you'r with.

The Full Moon

full moon...
full moon in the sky
full moon...
full moon with a light

With In Me

Scarlet lips as red as a rose,
perfect hips in a seductive pose.
On the outside this is what I may be,
but what about looking at the heart within me.

Shattered Dream

A heart broke
By the sad word goodbye
It's hard to believe
One word can make so many cry

The Special Someone

the special someone is someone that is looking for a good time.
the special someone is someone that will show you respect and will not lie to you.
the special someone will hangout with you and trust you with all of your secrets and will let them help out if any thing is wrong.

The Mask

A mask of plastic happiness often covers her sadness
Her beliefs hidden from most
Afraid of, but willing to face the unknown
Wondering where her place is in this life

The Girl


love is what i feel when i am with you
love is what we need to be happy
i love roses but not as much as i love u heather.
you make me feel so happy that anything you do i will always love u.

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