Joseph Orton

Rookie [J. Samuel] (22-11-1994 / England)

Joseph Orton Poems

1. Storm Health 4/29/2013
2. Goodbye Sunshine 4/29/2013
3. Lost In Paradise 4/29/2013
4. Amnesia (Praying For Death) 4/29/2013
5. To A Time That Will Never Happen, And To Someone That Never Will Be 4/29/2013
6. When It All Falls Apart 4/30/2013
7. Sugar-Coated Heartbreak 4/30/2013
8. Holes (Self-Inflicted) 5/4/2013
9. Dead & Gone... So Long! 5/13/2013
10. I'M... (?) 5/13/2013
11. To - 5/13/2013
12. Burn Me Out 5/13/2013
13. Blind, Again... 4/29/2013
14. Confusion 4/29/2013
15. The Lonely World 4/29/2013
16. Cocaine Dreams 4/29/2013
17. Chains 5/4/2013
18. The Forbidden & Unwanted 'X' 4/29/2013
Best Poem of Joseph Orton

The Forbidden & Unwanted 'X'

I don't think.
I could ever let you go.
I may sound like a weirdo.
But I just wanted you to know.

You really did brighten my life.
You were my only summer.
In my years of winter.

Even though are time was short.
I'll never forget what we had was sought.
I know deep down that I will forever miss you.
Even if you are still in my life, I can't kiss you.

I tend to fall to deep.
Even after a week.
You captured me, like no one else.
I feel like I'm under a spell.

I really do wish you felt the same still.
But as long as ...

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Storm Health

I have a Tornado in my chest.
It won't let me rest.
The winds are getting higher.
This isn't what I desire.
But the only thing to rid of this whirl wind.
Is to go on trial for what I have sinned.
In the madness of this storm.
Nothing will go back to the norm.
I fear for others as well as myself.

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