Joseph T. Renaldi Poems

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Jury Duty

Some day, a notice for jury duty will come.
Accept the notice graciously and with trust.
If selected, you may be condemned for your vote,
Fear not-as long as your vote is fair and just.

A Caring Mother

Sometimes children fail to appreciate
the blessings in their lives-
for in the midst of their own living
they inadvertently fail to realize

Burden Of Love

The burden that weighs down my mind
is too oppressive to bear.
I know, my darling, of your benevolent concern
and you love me and sincerely care.

Teaching - A Satisfying Experience

I returned to the defunct school on the hill
to experience again all the charms of old,
and the days when the members of the teaching staff
were all dedicated, firm, strict and bold.

Evergreen Tree

I long to see the evergreen tree,
Green and covered with needles free,
Thinking of Christmas approaching fast,
I cut and dragged the tree home at last.

A Coal Region Town

Once on this land, many years ago,
Immigrants resolved to build their home.
They labored hard and long in the mines,
And to develop a town near the rising culm.

The Homeless Man

Bearded man, sitting there,
In the alley midst garbage fare,
Bloodshot eyes you stare at me.
Are you inebriated - or could it be

A Journey To Heaven

The bells of heaven are calling us
To join a final pilgrimage this day
From across the ocean and desert waste
With incentives and encouragement to stay.

Class Reunion

I wonder why at class reunions
We bring to mind anew,
The lively and cheerful days
And recall and pass them in review.

A Little Play

Work coupled with a little play
to keep us progressing through each day,
A feeling of warmth, as a sparkle of light
Of love conveying through each night.