Teaching - A Satisfying Experience

Rating: 5.0

I returned to the defunct school on the hill
to experience again all the charms of old,
and the days when the members of the teaching staff
were all dedicated, firm, strict and bold.

The obnoxious weeds had grown taller
around the school among the pines.
A billboard designed to list school activities
was lost in a tangle of creeping vines.

I entered the unlocked school building
and walked casually to my former classroom of old.
My thoughts went back to the subjects I taught
and the respectful and caring students I used to know.

Standing in the midst of the pilfered classroom
and recapturing my old teaching ways,
there came to me memories of the satisfying experiences
of being a teacher in the tranquil by gone days.

I envisioned I heard the voices of former students,
so carefree and curious they seem.
A school bell seemed to be ringing to change classes
as I stepped on a distorted floor seam.

Those former days were times of great delight
during a teaching career of long ago,
and the visitation created a state of emotion
that enabled memorable thoughts to glow.

As the wistful memories deepened,
I uttered a simple, thankful prayer
for all the success and good fortune
the students and teachers had to share.