Joseph T. Renaldi Poems

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Jelly Beans

By the counter of the candy store
several small rumpled heads
are jumping up and down in joy.
They hear the store keeper's tread.


A pleasant and sincere smile,
A caring and soft touch,
A heedful and thoughtful word,
Blessings that mean so much.

An Old Soldier's Closet

The old soldier's closet holds memorabilia
in which he enjoys to reminisce and browse,
and thoughts of his military service to the
Nation gradually begins to rouse.

A Call For World Peace

The church bells are ringing incessantly
Alerting earthlings to join the pilgrimage to pray
Across the sea, mountains and desert wastes,

Honeybee Reunion

The honeybees held a gala reunion
In my garden one balmy, Summer day,
Selecting the flower bed as their site,
While buzzing in the sunlight in a strange way.

A Winding Trail

How aesthetic and picturesque the scenery
Along the length of the winding trail,
When the soft, green carpet of summer
Covers the mountain and adjacent vale.

Remembering Together

The old, oak tree stands firm,
So full of historical memories
That only can be expressed fully
By the documented words in diaries.

A Few Small Things

I placed a coin into the hand
Of a blind man who appreciated it much,
It was just a small token - but oh, the joy
That lay in its metallic touch.

Where We Once Played

Once there were children swinging,
And others merrily singing,
Many playing games all day,
Now, hand in hand we walk together

Winter On The Horizon

Winter is on the horizon, as Autumn grows old.
Soon the snowflakes will fall softly down,
And every object on the land below
Will wear a white, ornamental crown.