A Winding Trail

Rating: 5.0

How aesthetic and picturesque the scenery
Along the length of the winding trail,
When the soft, green carpet of summer
Covers the mountain and adjacent vale.

Where frisky deer are often seen
Meandering among the towering pines
As if to protect them from the sun,
Then dispersing quickly sensing human signs.

Where often is heard an eerie sound,
A deteriorated tree limb sharply falling,
The remote, soft cry of a mourning dove,
Or the natural noise of a male turkey gobbling.

Where the distant, succulent landscape
Is prominent under the scintillating sky,
Where the warm breeze softly sighs
And murmurs a sweet, Summer lullaby.

Chantelle Clark 13 July 2006

This is a lovely poem! Images are painted very smoothly but yet captures the pictures painted into the minds of the readers. Definitly a poem that pulls you into a world of fantasy and dreams.

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Sandra Fowler 13 July 2006

A wonderful word painting, Joseph, very nostalgic and serene. Ever summer in all its aspects. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Kind regards, Sandra

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Ernestine Northover 13 July 2006

What a charming poem, a delight to read, soft and gentle, a real lullaby to send you off to dreamland. Love Ernestine XXX

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