Honeybee Reunion

Rating: 5.0

The honeybees held a gala reunion
In my garden one balmy, Summer day,
Selecting the flower bed as their site,
While buzzing in the sunlight in a strange way.

The gentle warm breeze rocked them,
While I observed them quietly and unseen,
As they pondered before attempting to land
On the multitude of flowers with a sheen.

There was a flurry of activity in the garden
Until the middle of this Summer day,
As the bees gathered up the nectar,
And then quietly buzzed away.

Then appeared a variety of butterflies
And a bright, green hummingbird.
I know not how they knew it,
Or who had spread the word.

Of the beauty on the corollas of the flowers
And the sweet aroma that filled the air,
Or the nectar remaining in the floral envelope,
Just for butterflies and hummingbirds to share.

Riquetta Elliott 19 January 2008

Did I mention that I am afraid of getting stung by a bee. Well I did now.

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Riquetta Elliott 19 January 2008

This is really gorgeous. It blown me away with your windly words. Outstanding work. Im giving this poem a 10.

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Preeti - is here! 16 July 2006

Hey, i never viewed bees gathering nectar as beautiful, cause I am dead scared of bee stings, but i guess through your lines the whole image is lively and beautiful. Well done! Preets

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