Josephe Buchanan Poems

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Life for me has been a Crystal Stair.

It has perfect levels,
that can take me to a different Sun light.

Brooklyn 'Extended'

Beautiful culture

Parks, brownstones, cheesecake, and BAM


Some tell of love stories where fire becomes a mother in healing

Wheels within wheels, where hell becomes a myth, and heaven becomes the

*the Love Chronicles*

Stage 1...

He was scared to take her and her moans sounded like a Stentorian choir! He was scared and afraid of what he needed to do to calm her heated ocean. Her central Sun supplied the young with courage after breaking his virginity and him not knowing that his own inner sun was glowing! He became alive filled with hubris for he was able to find his and her Kundalini!

*if I Traveled On My Own*

If I left it up to myself I will be only a man
'Reach up for the strap hanger' Grand dad said
Marvelous how energy is distributed
My eyes are glowing

*my Space Suit*

Living within my minds computer, my soul’s universe and my heart's planet allows me to tap into never ending kingdoms where adventures lurk within the murky waters of my dreams. Dual existences within and without me for when I close my eyes I become my multidimensional self. I opened my eyes and I became a dream within my soul’s sleep and that dream is played out on our Planet called Earth. Not science nor magic this reality is all to real. For if the Earth is my Brother and the Moon is my Sister, my Mother that feeds me must be the Sun. Since my Father is God who art in Heaven I am a son of that masterpiece and one with it all.
So many pictures I see. Faces forgotten, memories lost and places to be.

My dreams are so precious my third eye has opened and my melatonin is becoming super conductive.

Black Is Color Of My True Love's Hair

So many songs have been written about my love.
The beautiful color of my true love's hair. The hair of a powerful beauty.
Black as a wormhole or as simple as a crayon.
Made of ions, electrons and protons, my love must have created all things

Mary Reloaded

Dark Euphoria

Sitting down in the park
Where men’s secrets are well hidden within the oak of brown trees
She told me I was different
Where long walks can never excuse the gash on God’s face

11: 11

The activation of activations
The opening of time

The hour and second of divine gates and chimes

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