Josephe Buchanan

Rookie (09-29-1979 / New York)

Josephe Buchanan Poems

1. The Invincible 4/1/2011
2. Particle Colliders 3/31/2011
3. September Girl 3/31/2011
4. My Upward Spiral 4/3/2011
5. The Vacation 4/3/2011
6. Silent Night 'Haiku' 4/3/2011
7. Our Father 4/3/2011
8. Slavery In Motion 4/3/2011
9. The Temple 4/3/2011
10. My Gut Feelings 4/3/2011
11. Stilettos And Hair 4/3/2011
12. Red Stew 4/3/2011
13. Occult Commerce 4/3/2011
14. Telephone Man 'Raw, Unedited, Extended' 4/3/2011
15. Rivers Of Blue Gold 4/8/2011
16. Untitled 3000 4/8/2011
17. The 3 Step Analysis Of Turning One's Life Around 4/8/2011
18. The Legends Of Old! 4/8/2011
19. The Palace 4/3/2011
20. Sad Mood 4/3/2011
21. 'Darkness With Darkness' *the Key To All Mysteries* 4/8/2011
22. *3rd Rock From The Sun* 4/3/2011
23. *the Love Chronicles Revisited* 4/11/2011
24. A Teenage Love 4/3/2011
25. Caterpillars And Butterflies 4/3/2011
26. Ariam 4/3/2011
27. Everlasting Elohim 4/3/2011
28. Csi Africa 'Haiku' 4/3/2011
29. Face Paint 4/1/2011
30. 2012 4/1/2011
31. Indian Hemp 4/1/2011
32. Lady Harlequin 4/3/2011
33. Divine Prayer 4/3/2011
34. 11: 11 4/3/2011
35. Cry Baby Cry 'Haiku' 4/3/2011
36. Almond And Mints 4/8/2011
37. Dark Euphoria 4/3/2011
38. Mary Reloaded 4/3/2011
39. Black Is Color Of My True Love's Hair 3/31/2011
40. *my Space Suit* 4/2/2011

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Life For Me Is A Crystal Stair (A Tribute To Langston Hughes's And His Poem 'Mother To Son)

Life for me has been a Crystal Stair.

It has perfect levels,
that can take me to a different Sun light.
A light from the inner Son of the Father.
Stairs that can show you an image of the Divine. Stairs of hope. Stairs
that renovates the broken stairs of our past.

No tacks, splinters, or torn up boards. The stairs of old were no
Crystal Stair. No balance. No chance to elevate toward the great escape
of being scattered. My Crystal Stair takes all footsteps to love, and
all humans to the source. I will tell you that life for me is a Crystal
Stair, that takes...

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Particle Colliders

When mountains meet another they collide like atoms and molecules. From quarks and atomic templates the male collided with female and made Man.

I am ready to collide with merging universes that resemble the peak of settling ice ages. To the dinosaur colliding with the meteorites and mega beasts colliding with mega disasters.

To master teachers colliding with master students thus creating a pendragon.
To the sweet kiss of an amoeba and protozoa colliding with space matter and electrical

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