*my Space Suit* Poem by Josephe Buchanan

*my Space Suit*

Rating: 2.7

Living within my minds computer, my soul’s universe and my heart's planet allows me to tap into never ending kingdoms where adventures lurk within the murky waters of my dreams. Dual existences within and without me for when I close my eyes I become my multidimensional self. I opened my eyes and I became a dream within my soul’s sleep and that dream is played out on our Planet called Earth. Not science nor magic this reality is all to real. For if the Earth is my Brother and the Moon is my Sister, my Mother that feeds me must be the Sun. Since my Father is God who art in Heaven I am a son of that masterpiece and one with it all.
So many pictures I see. Faces forgotten, memories lost and places to be.

My dreams are so precious my third eye has opened and my melatonin is becoming super conductive.

This is my human condition
My human religion
My human rendition in the physical form

My body is a piece of cloth to cover up my solar spirit, my space suit for
Earth, my Garment of light and my Shroud of Turin.

Who and what am I to partake on such an existence?

I live in space on rock called Earth with a slight memory of my descent and the feeling of millions of years lost.

Who and what am I now? !

Since my past existence will not recognize this present form, I guess I am caterpillar still evolving into a butterfly.

My mind is a computer
My flesh is my space suit
My soul is the Universal property of the One true God.

I love me today for I will not exist tomorrow in this form.
Evolution is my name and my descent to Earth comes at a high price.

This is love, love and more love.

The most painful experience and most beautiful experience, my living soul can ever explain.

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