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She Killed Him

From a distanced, i hear her voice
I dont want to take a chance
im going to listing to her
She is laying on the grond crying

Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

Love falls from the sky tonight
So does Broken Hearts

As I Lay Dying

As I lay dying
I lay alone on this dark cold street
Bleeding slowly to death
But only in my dreams

Little Girl

little girl
beautiful girl
the sparkle in ur eyes
the smile on ur face

What Is Love

What is love

thats the qustion of every pounding mind
some say love is how u feel

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My name is Josh Woods, but I go by Munkey.
I'm 15 years old. I love poetry and love writing poems. I started writing poems wen my Great Grandmother passed away. That was a hard time for me. Becuase I was so close to her.
The very first peom i wrote was to her and it was call, 'she will make it.'
Alot of people make fun of me, becuase I wri ...

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