Joshua Clover

(Berkeley, California)

Joshua Clover Poems

1. "An Archive of Confessions, A Genealogy of Confessions" 4/18/2018
2. Field Effect 4/18/2018
3. I Want to Read at the White House 4/18/2018
4. Orchid & Eurydice 4/18/2018
5. Royal 4/18/2018
6. Valiant En Abyme 4/18/2018
7. What's American About American Poetry? 4/18/2018
8. The map room 4/18/2018
9. Ceriserie 4/18/2018
10. SPRING GEORGIC 4/18/2018
11. RADIANT CITY 4/18/2018
12. Ceriserie 12/30/2013
13. THE FIRE SERMON 4/18/2018
14. An Archive Of Confessions, A Genealogy Of Confessions 12/30/2013
15. Valiant En Abyme 12/30/2013
16. What's American About American Poetry? 12/30/2013
17. Orchid & Eurydice 12/30/2013
18. Royal 12/30/2013
19. Field Effect 12/30/2013
20. The Map Room 1/20/2003

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Best Poem of Joshua Clover

The Map Room

We moved into a house with 6 rooms: the Bedroom,
the Map Room, the Vegas Room, Cities
in the Flood Plains, the West, & the Room Which Contains All
of Mexico.We honeymooned in the Vegas Room where
lounge acts wasted our precious time.Then there was the junta's
high command, sick dogs of the Map Room, heel-
prints everywhere, pushing model armies into the unfurnished
West.At night: stories of their abandoned homes in the Cities
in the Flood Plains, how they had loved each other
mercilessly, in rusting cars, until the drive-in went under.
From the Bedroom we ...

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Field Effect

For 8 months he lay in bed over the

difference between "the bell rings" & "he rings

the bell." Did those 2 "rings" SOUND

DIFFERENT? The invisible disturbance which

is the bell's vibration beating at the air—a

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