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1. More And More 4/12/2005
2. The Hunt To Kill 4/14/2005
3. The Girl In Asl 4/7/2005
4. Tree 4/7/2005
5. Something More 3/29/2005
6. The Poorest Of The Poor 2/13/2005
7. Eyes 2/13/2005
8. How I Feel 2/22/2005
9. Rachel Dute 4/1/2005
10. Our Lord Can 3/13/2005
11. Here It Comes 3/13/2005
12. Elizabeth Wallace 3/22/2005
13. A War To Fight 3/29/2005
14. To Late 4/12/2005
15. This Place, Other Place 3/29/2005
16. Our Love Amber Carson 4/1/2005
17. Setting Through The Bore 4/1/2005
18. Love In Distente 6/17/2005
19. The Lords House 6/17/2005
20. Ids At Noon 6/17/2005
21. Empty Outside 6/17/2005
22. Free Ridin 6/17/2005
23. At The End 6/18/2005
24. Summer It Here 6/18/2005
25. A Room Of Unhappiness 4/14/2005
26. Eye Catching Look 4/12/2005
27. The Storm Comes 4/12/2005
28. “katie” 4/7/2005
29. Choose To Change 5/30/2005
30. The Love Of Pain 2/23/2005
31. Fast Food 2/24/2005
32. A Night Of New Beauty 5/30/2005
33. Finding Happiness 3/29/2005

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Finding Happiness

As I walk though my day
I try to find happiness
L ok under everything,
I look through everyone
Trying to find, trying to look.

I think I found it
I act happy to everyone and myself
Not knowing it was a lie I never was
So I go on thinking I’m happy.

I se it, I see it, I see it again
Things are going bad again
Then there I am looking to find
What I was looking for in the first place

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Choose To Change

i set in this house away frim everything
clearing my head from everything at home
and the rest of my life
looking at everything i have done and i'm doing now
somethings i wish i could change something i don't
knowing nothing can be i have to deal with it
deal with the choices i have made
but i can from here on out

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